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BEN BIKMAN Part 1: Protein does NOT spike insulin in low carb eaters!
presents episode 332: Dr Ben Bikman podcast

When you go from typical diet to low carb…
-from carbs being 50% of calories down to perhaps 10%
-in this study, subjects went from 50% to 8% carbs
if you put less glucose into your system, your body makes more
-that’s why glucose stays in a normal range (80 mg/dL)
-the liver makes more glucose

A cluster of hormones prompts liver to produce glucose…
-growth hormone; cortisol; epinephrine; glucogan
-suspicion: if you eat low carb, glucose is only normal:
~because spike in cortisol
-effect of cortisol is only one…perhaps most benign
-cortisol will destroy whatever in order
to increase glucose
-including amino acids from
muscle & bone

Cortisol also will reduce the immune system &
-changing the way body stores fat…
-it is a hormone we do NOT want elevated for long
-Question: will low carb spike my cortisol?

Study: Jeff Volek, Metabolism, 2002…
-control group & diet group
-diet group: low carb, keto volunteered for study
-all participants considered healthy & same weight
-low carb group went from 50% to 8% carbs
-ate 170g protein; 160g fat
(ratio 1 to 1 by mass)
-by calories: 60% fat; 30% protein)
-a great range for health

Study: Jeff Volek, Metabolism, 2002…
-the diet group ate 2x protein as control, but
-the diet group insulin dropped from 23 pmol to 15 pmol!
-in control group, eating half the protein…
-their insulin stayed in low 20’s


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