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Ben Bikman: Low carb brings benefits of fasting: Autophagy; low inflammation; BODY FAT BURNING
presents episode 263:Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Ken Berry

Can compare caloric fast to nutrient fast…
-“fat fast” is same as nutrient fast
-according to Megan Ramos, working with Dr Jason Fung

Fat fast (nutrient fast)
-eating & drinking only substances that do not spike insulin
-essentially has the same effect on metabolic health:
~as pure fasting

Dr Bikman: defines fed vs fasted state based on:
-effects on insulin & glucagon
-insulin is the hormone of storing energy
-glucagon is the hormone of mobilizing energy,
not storing it

The fat cell and the liver…
-insulin is telling these tissues:
~pull in glucose and hold on to it
~liver: make fat from glucose & store it, or
~send out to fat cells for storage

-glucagon breaks down the stored glucose
~to be used by the body

Fasted state has very low insulin very high glucagon

Fed state has very high insulin very low glucagon

If on a keto diet (very low carb)
-their insulin to glucagon ratio: much closer to fasted state

One reason I advocate for a low carb diet
-it provides the benefits of fasting
-when you break fast: keep glucagon high, so
~body still burns energy instead of storing it

Dr Berry:
-there are essential fatty acids, you must get from fats
-there are essential amino acids, from protein
~without these, you will get sick & eventually die
-there is no essential sugar, or starch, or carb

-ketogenic eating is like fasting
-has all benefits of fasting, if carbs low enough
~reduction of inflammation
~increase in fat-burning