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BEN BIKMAN : | INSULIN: KEY DRIVER of muscle, brain & fat cells
presents episode 1023 | Dr Paul Mason
HVMN podcast

Your dentist has more frequent interactions
with you than your own physician…
so, dentist can detect problems
very early
Type 2 diabetes is overwhelming many
due to their doctor looking at it as
a glucose problem
Then, years later, realizes it is an insulin
High glucose? just push insulin higher!
“This approach kills patients faster”
3x higher heart risk; 2x cancer & Alzheimer’s risk

INSULIN affects every cell in body…
at some cells, it affects uptake of
-muscle; hippocampus; fat
-most cells take in glucose WITHOUT
insulin prompting it
INSULIN tells every cell in body:
Store Energy!
-insulin resistance:
1-insulin is impotent at various cells
2-insulin levels chronically elevated


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