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Ben Bikman: Hypertension: CUTTING CARBS drops insulin & blood pressure. DON’T BLAME salt!
presents episode 262: Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Ken Berry

Hypertension & salt…
-kidneys are designed to deal with that salt
-insulin does not let it do that properly
-insulin is forcing kidneys to hold onto that salt
-that salt is holding onto water
-which forces blood pressure to be high

Hypertension & salt…
-also why people, when change diet, have significant drop
~in blood pressure so quickly
-if look at hypertension through lens of insulin…
-would logically say
“how can I lower my insulin?”

-carbs spike insulin the most, so
“I will eat less carbs”
-then, boom:
~blood pressure plummets in lock step
with insulin coming down

Dr Berry: Early in my practice, when I would recommend
-keto diet for morbidly obese patients…
-2 weeks later, “Doc, this diet is not right for me!”
“Every time I stand up, I get light-headed”
-That means we can now stop one of your meds!

Dr Berry: But many become wedded to their meds…
-when I say: That is good!!
-it is time to stop 1 or 2 of your blood pressure meds
-their face lights up!!
-it is the most beautiful thing to see!

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