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Ben Bikman: Hyperinsulinemia, is often ignored in type 2 diabetics…making them fatter & sicker!
presents episode 259: Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Ken Berry live stream
April 2020

“Calories In–Calories Out” requires calculating calorie burning…
-but, it is impossible to ever know caloric expenditure!

But measuring insulin is very concrete

To lose weight globally–lose bone density, lose muscle mass…
-do calorie restriction
-you will lose
~bone density
~cartilage, tendon, sinew

To just lose fat:
-think about the hormone-model of fat burning: Dr Bikman

Dr Bikman
I am unaware of any situation where:
-a person can lose weight, unless insulin is low
-a person can gain weight, unless insulin is high

Insulin changes the actual bio-chemical action of fat-burning…
-in the body; in the fat cells
-also changes metabolic rate

Study, 2018: Type 1 diabetic, given insulin:
-metabolic rate slows by 300 calories/day

Paper being published now: Ketones stimulate metabolic rate…
-both insulin & ketones have effect at fat cell
-to be more active (ketones)
-or less active (insulin)


Simple, organic compounds, made in the mitochondria
of the liver

These provide an alternative energy source for your body
when carbs are low

Dr Ken Berry
We have proven that the:
-“calories in & calories out” &
-“eat less & move more”
-do not work

Insulin resistance:
-insulin is not working in a normal way in all cells
~in some it is
~in some it is not
-hyperinsulinemia (levels are too high)

We look at type 2 diabetes as a glucose disease…
-so, it is detected far later & far worse

We say, “your beta cells are not making enough insulin”
-glucose climbs THEN we detect the problem
-BUT type 2 diabetics still have far more insulin than normal
~it is seen as
“not enough to keep
glucose in check”

The key problem

-in that situation, when insulin is high & glucose climbs
-average clinician will say:
“we don’t care about your high insulin…
we’ll bump it higher!”

“We’ll give you insulin injections,
because we know it will push down glucose”

Dr Bikman:
“Yes, but it will make the
patient fatter & sicker!”

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