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BEN BIKMAN g | Best meat besides beef. TURKEY better than chicken
presents episode 952 | Dr Ben Bikman
Metabolic Health Podcast with Dr Dom D’Agnostino

Obsession with chicken…
-100 years ago, only used chicken
for the eggs!
-now it is the MOST COMMONLY
EATEN MEAT [low fat] Turkeys: we have eaten
them for
centuries–wild turkeys
Dom, as farmer:
“There is a lot of hybridization trying
to get large breasted chickens”

“Any meat is good.
Gives great amino acids”
-any meat is better nutrition
than chicken
“As Dad, I try to insert beef into
kids’ meals when I can”
-especially for girls’ IRON
-chicken OK, if not too lean
-the fat helps protein digestion

Dr D’Agnostino:
-bile acids facilitate protein digestion
Time Restricted Eating
-I tend to do opposite of what should
-under eat in daytime
-grossly over eat evenings
-if not I will lose weight
-I lose muscle mass

In human studies…
-earlier eating window is more
metabolically beneficial
“I eat dinner with my family”
But, eating too much, too late
affects my sleep…
-more than light or
-any other activity


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