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BEN BIKMAN f | Runner’s high? push past wall…force body into ketogenic state
presents episode 976 | Dr Ben Bikman
Anthony Chaffee MD podcast

Anthropology journal article: honey…
‘causative factor in our brains growing so big’
Dr Bikman: “I’m not declaring war on honey;
many advocates in low carb community”
-our ancestors were hunter-gatherers &
if found honey, would love it.. but
-BRAIN: PROTEINS & FATS [a lot of fat!]”
-we NEED essential animal fats FOR BRAIN GROWTH

Dr Chaffee:
-runner’s high; second wind…
-many endurance athletes have experienced this…
1-push hard, run out of energy, ‘hit the wall’
2-most people quit at this point
3-some: push & push & break thru the wall
“My thinking: at first, in hyperglycemic state
and excess insulin stopping fat burning”
-running on glycogen & blood sugar
[carbo-loading supports this] EVENTUALLY WILL RUN OUT OF ENERGY

Dr Chaffee:
-studies in wolves, 1981, do not carbo-load
before chasing caribou for 10 hours
-their blood sugar is ROCK SOLID
When we eat carbs….STOPS THAT PROCESS
-will eventually run out of glucose energy
-takes 16 hours for insulin to drop
-then you can produce own energy
Those who push into ‘second wind’ forces
body into ketogenic state of making more


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