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Ben Bikman: EXCESS INSULIN: not checked on lab work–stimulates aging; breast/prostate cancers; PCOS
presents episode 260: Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Ken Berry live stream
April 2020

Your doctor, even if you are overweight or prediabetic…
-will call for basic lab work
-“your glucose is normal!”
-doctor stops looking
~to keep your glucose normal, your insulin is sky high

If your doctor checked a C-peptide & fasting insulin…
-would diagnose your prediabetes or hyperinsulinemia
~up to a decade earlier!
-and tell you: you are about to develop type 2 diabetes
-because your C-peptide is so high,
-let’s change your diet BEFORE you get type 2 diabetes

Today, to control aging, so much focus on mTOR control…
-so they say: keep mTOR low by eating less protein
-but, evidence shows:
~people who eat least protein have highest mortality
-IF want to control mTOR…then
~keep insulin low because
~insulin stimulates mTOR far
more than amino acids
(from dietary protein)

Breast & prostate cancers are incredibly responsive to insulin…
-biopsy of breast tissue, normal compared to tumor:
-breast tumor has 7 times more insulin receptors
~insulin stimulates tumor cells to grow 7 times faster!

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)…
-most common form of infertility in women
-at its core, is a disease of too much insulin
-insulin is inhibiting the conversion of sex hormones in ovaries
-woman overproduces androgens (like testosterone)
-that should have been converted into estrogens
“ovaries pumping testosterone
instead of estrogens”

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