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Ben Bikman: Excess insulin is root cause: PCOS & hypertension…Doctors: focus on this root cause.
presents episode 261: Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Ken Berry

PCOS: doctor will focus only on testosterone level…
-will prescribe medications to lower testosterone
-doctor is ignoring root cause (hyperinsulinemia)
-once the excess insulin is addressed:
~rest of disease cascade goes back to normal

Thousands of women have told Dr Berry:
-as soon as I lowered carbs
-got insulin back to normal
-I got pregnant

Dr Bikman: Compare chronic diseases to branches on tree…
-if we hack at branches with medications
~PCOS medications
~diabetes medications
~hypertension medications

Dr Bikman: Compare chronic diseases to branches on tree…
-instead of patient leaving with 3 medications, which
~will lead to lifetime of increasing the dosage
-all of these diseases are coming off a trunk (excess insulin)
-just chop down the tree

Dr Bikman: Seeing health & disease this way…
-prompted the writing book:

Why We Get Sick
-insulin resistance
~what it is
~how we get it
~why it matters
~what to do about it

Dr Berry: thousands of people have reached out to me…
-used to be on 3 blood pressure medications
-their doctor only talked about lowering salt
-if doctor checks C-Peptide or fasting insulin
-becomes clear: your hyperinsulinemia
is reason you have hypertension

Dr Berry: if you have high blood pressure
-check your lab report for:
~C-peptide or
~fasting insulin
-if not there, your doctor is ignorant of
~insulin resistance as cause

When your doctor shifts their paradigm…
-will say
“Oh, I see: insulin being chronically high leads to…
the cascade of problems that
led to hypertension”
-it is not the sodium
-it is the insulin

Your doctor will change how they treat hypertension
for the rest of their career
-will benefit you
-and all the rest of their patients