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BEN BIKMAN e | Natural state? babies: ketosis; humans: ketosis
presents episode 975 | Dr Ben Bikman
Anthony Chaffee MD podcast

Dr Chaffee: when I was taking biochem…
-optimal fuel for brain is ketones
-especially in fasting state
“Really, that is our natural state”
Dr Bikman: invited to present at
evolutionary anthropologist conference…
-was told to discuss changes in human
diets over the millennia
-during prep, found paper published in the
most important anthropology journal:
“Dietary carbs were essential in brain development”

In presentation, I cited that article…
-tactfully said: THIS IS WRONG!
National Academy of Sciences, US:
-lower limit of carbs is ZERO
-no such things as essential carb
“The idea that our human brain evolved
due to high carb intake is ridiculous”

Many in audience came up afterward and
thanked me for these insights
-mistake: dietary carbs w/ blood glucose
-brain has some demand for some glucose
George Cahill, put blood glucose down
to about 20mg/dL
[most think: that is a coma] -but, due to long term ketone-adapted:
“Brain has very minimal req for glucose”

Body: 5mmol glucose, then
increase ketones to 3mmol:
-even if ketones HALF of glucose, it
provides 2x fuel to brain
New born baby…within an hour of feeding:
-higher state of ketosis than an adult
after fasting for a full day
Clear: natural state for humans: ketosis


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