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BEN BIKMAN e; | Diabetic drugs only cut glucose…It’s the insulin dummy!
presents episode 1101 | Dr Ben Bikman
PHC UK podcast

SGLT1/2 inhibitors
SGLT1 is glucose transporter: from guts into bloodstream
SGLT2 is glucose transporter: from kidneys back into blood
These drugs BLOCK that effect: and they work on glucose
-and this lowers insulin
-BUT where glucose is
high…water follows
-in diabetes, so much
glucose stays in urine
-water follows into

SGLT1/2 inhibitors
-block intestines’ ability to pull glucose in, keeps water in gut
-gives distress to ‘passing gas’…socially always on edge!
Also creating diabetes via polyuria & UTI:
-bacteria eat glucose
-urinary tract constantly
being invaded all way up
-if flood urinary tract with
-support bacteria thru
bladder to kidneys

If we willingly block someone’s glucose absorption, giving them
catastrophic diarrhea, or
-force it out of kidneys into urinary tract…
“Maybe…give less glucose!”
-no need for this drug

Sulfonylureas force beta cells to create more insulin
Insulin injections raise insulin

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