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BEN BIKMAN d CLASSIC | HDL & LDL as team: bind LPS & protect gut integrity
presents episode 1048 | Dr. Ben Bikman podcast

LDL is a product from the liver…

So, while the liver is first exposed to LPS (lipopolysaccharide)
-before it moves into bloodstream
-liver also produces LDL (extremely debatable if LDL is bad)

LDL is a product from the liver…

What is clear from data:
~LDL is a lipoprotein carrying fats in bloodstream
~also carries LBP (LPS binding proteins)
-LBP lock in the LPS so it does no harm
-take it to liver
-excreted through bile duct
-into intestines to be eliminated

Study, 2016, & in many, many more…

Finding: LDL binds LPS so it can do no harm

So, if eating diet high in saturated fat:
-studies show it reduces inflammation
-LDL goes up–improving your
inflammatory profile

LDL & HDL act as saviors defending the body
-physically binding the leaked molecule LPS
-returning it to the gut
-in a form that won’t allow it to escape again

Study, 2007, Annals of Clinical Laboratory Science

Study, 2007: low LDL (less than 70 mg/dL)
&. high LDL (more than 70 mg/dL)

-low LDL: increased odds vs hematological cancer by 15x

“People with low LDL were 15 times more
likely to get blood-based cancer!”

-low LDL also increased odds of fever & sepsis
(sepsis is a severe infection, such as septic shock,
requiring hospitalization)
-odds were increased 5x!

In summary
-leaky gut is real
-main offending agent is bacteria: LPS
-passes from gut into blood, spreading inflammation
-fructose enhances this movement
-polyunsaturated fats enhance this movement
-saturated fats improve gut integrity

In summary
-once LPS has made it into the blood
-body has built-in molecules to:
~bind & remove LPS
-these molecules are: LDL & HDL

LDL & HDL have a clear immune role:
-binding LPS and removing it
so no harm is done


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