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Ben Bikman c: Male INFERTILITY: hypogonadism is real…vegetarian diets lower sperm production

The Metabolic Classroom Ep. 5
Youtube for
March 2, 2021

-much more common in overweight or obese men
-tendency for lower:
~sperm count
~sperm motility

Study by Loma Linda University…
-shift men from omnivore to vegetarian diet:
~sperm production drops &
~depression goes up

-is real
-accompanies obesity in men
-includes lower sperm production
So, erectile dysfunction & compromised

Insulin IQ coach: “Do I have low-T; is first question from
obese male clients”
-have never been tested
-buying into what they have heard on TV & radio

Question to Ben: “Once they are more healthy & feeling better,
could it be partly due to rise in testosterone?”

It is possible, but testosterone is often over-hyped…
If client did, however, have suboptimal testosterone, then:
-absolutely, getting testosterone back to normal
would make him feel better, but…
-probably client feels better because:
~insulin sensitivity is higher
~lost excess weight

We are not health care providers, but…
-unless clinically proven that testosterone is low
-don’t believe taking testosterone supplements is needed
-just a way to make muscles grow &
-prostate grow too!