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BEN BIKMAN | c l a s s i c | MEDS ONLY ADDRESS SYMPTOMS…ROOT IS Insulin resistance
presents episode 654 | Dr Ben Bikman
Mikhaila Peterson podcast

We don’t diagnose insulin resistance
We only diagnose its manifestations:
-erectile dysfunction
-type 2 diabetes

Dr Bikman:
“A drug can never CURE A DISEASE…
it can only treat symptoms”

Dr Bikman:
“I can get rid of ALL MEDS…
which are simply addressing
the SYMPTOMS of one common

Dr Bikman:
“Lower insulin by low carb dieting…
that reverses insulin resistance;
WITHIN DAYS: may stop taking some
hypertension meds;
WITHIN WEEKS: may stop taking
insulin for type 2 diabetes”

Keep insulin low by:
control carbs
avoid refined starches and sugars

Prioritize protein
Eat animal fats


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