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BEN BIKMAN c | KETONE POWER: 1-best fuel; 2-shuts down inflammation across body
presents episode 973 | Dr Ben Bikman
Anthony Chaffee MD podcast

Research: ketones bind to cells & inhibit
NLRP3 inflammasome
[-ome means the sum of the issue] -it is in charge of all inflammation of body
-when ACTIVATED turns on all inflammation
machinery: cytokines, that initiate immune
systems throughout body
“You want this turned on when needed, but
not turned on all of the time”
Fat cells that are too large become
-inflammatory markers are higher than normal

When you have aberrant activation of
the immune system & inflammation
-how to turn this down?
-ketones will do this
-bind to G protein-coupled receptors
-will bind particular type & act like hormone
-initiates series of events
-results: inhibition of inflammatory signal

In Bikman’s BYU lab: looked at signaling
capability in fat cells…
-ketones enter fat cells in humans,
-activates uncoupling process at
-stimulate fat cell metabolic rate 3x
Not because ketones are fuel, but
because they ACTIVATE G protein-coupled
receptor to inhibit inflammation

Yes, ketones are an energy…
-brain loves ketones as fuel
Independent of that is its signaling power
1-great fuel source -especially for brain
2-signaling power that shuts down
inflammation across body systems


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