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BEN BIKMAN c’ | GUM DISEASE can trigger inflammation throughout body!
presents episode 1025 | Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Steven Lin podcast
LDL saves blood vessels from oral bacteria: LPS

Mined plaques from coronary arteries…
-have dozens of infectious pathogens
-including ORAL BACTERIA
-people with frequent gum infections
SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to have
heart problems
Development of an atherosclerotic
plaque could be directly from mouth!

Insulin resistance and heart disease…
-constricts blood vessels
-causes kidneys to retain sodium
-water retention: higher blood pressure
-activate sympathetic nervous system
-constrict vaso system:
-makes heart beat faster, harder
-dyslipidemia: lowers HDL; increases TG

LPS [lipopolysaccharide] from gum
disease or leaky gut…
-LDL binds to LPS; neutralizes it
-carries it to liver for excretion
it is trying to correct the problem
by scavenging LPS from plaques in
blood vessels


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