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BEN BIKMAN b | Worn out insulin: blood vessels cannot make nitric oxide so: hypertension
presents episode 972 | Dr Ben Bikman
Anthony Chaffee MD podcast

Metabolic flexibility…
-body can shift between fuels:
carbs [glucose] & ketones [fat] Typical person: always elevated insulin,
so: cannot easily burn body fat…even
when fasting, they don’t shift
Carnivore? almost like stuck in fat-burning
-lost a bit of flexibility
-if dump body full of glucose, takes time…
Perfect flexibility easy after a day

“I am NOT SAYING you should purposely
eat carbs for flexibility…”
-no need to ‘cycle carbs’
Dr Chaffee:
-don’t lose that flexibility when carnivore
for a few years?
Dr Bikman:
-absolutely not.
can snap back within a day
-just signal pancreas’ beta cells, all good
-better than overworked beta cells, that
can burn out by type 2 diabetes

Dr Chaffee: sounds like this is tolerance
toward insulin after toxic exposure to carbs…
-different enzymes built up in prep
for influx of excess insulin causing
-hyper glycemia & glycation
Dr Bikman:
When insulin is working, it has a
vasodilatory effect [little known] -insulin affects EVERY PART OF BODY
-every cell has insulin receptors
-unique among all hormones

When insulin binds cells of blood vessel…
-induces production of nitric oxide
[chest pain? take nitroglycerin tabs] -stimulates nitric oxide
-throws open blood vessels of heart
-pain goes away
Insulin resistant man:
-blood vessels stay constricted
Throughout body, blood vessels more
constricted leads to higher blood pressure


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