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Ben Bikman b: Male INFERTILITY: Low-T is not a key factor–insulin resistance definitely is

The Metabolic Classroom Ep. 5
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March 2, 2021

Throughout entire body,
-if blood vessels stay constricted, don’t dilate,
-then: have high blood pressure

So, two insulin resistance problems:
-hypertension throughout body &
-lack of blood pressure where wanted (for erection)

Why start with fat cells?
-that is where insulin resistance starts!
-then it spreads throughout the body
-including blood vessels, so
-they cannot generate nitric oxide to dilate vessels, so
-no erection

“My clients ask about many therapies…

Is getting insulin resistance under control a treatment?
-extremely confident to say: yes
-“I suggest, if have erectile dysfunction, go straight to
-insulin resistance work,
-before trying crazy therapies, etc.

“My clients ask about many therapies…

The benefit of addressing insulin resistance is:
-improve a lot of other things too

Low T (low testosterone)…
-the idea that low testosterone is causing the trouble
with men’s infertility–is not well supported with evidence
-“i think the whole movement around Low T is simply
a way to sell drugs”
-in the radio ads:
~low energy?
~gaining weight?

Probably because you are getting older & insulin resistant!
-as men get overweight, they can experience:
~potential lower testosterone production

“I don’t think it is as widespread as the ads say”

Fat cells…
-enzyme aromatase converts testosterone into estrogens
(insulin resistance prevents this from happening: PCOS)

-in the testes, insulin resistance empowers aromatase, so
~converts testosterone into higher amounts of estrogens
~as if the insulin resistant fat cells had ovaries

-it is not Low-T that is causing him:
~weight gain &
~lack of energy

-it is his excessive fat that is causing his Low-T effects

There is so much obsession with increasing testosterone…
-men have wildly differing levels of testosterone
-and this does not predict who will be more “Adonis” like