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Ben Bikman: ANCIENT GRAINS, when fermented, may be much healthier than today’s modern grains

presented in the IIQ Metabolic Classroom, June 15, 2021

Not long ago, perhaps 100 years or so,
wheat was very different than today…
what our ancestors called “wheat” would be
unrecognizable to what we have as “wheat” now!

Ancient wheat would probably have been “spelt”…
it bakes very differently:
-not light and fluffy
-has much less gluten (gluey &. sticky for easy baking)

Ancient wheat:
-types still available: einkorn & spelt
-much less starch (half as much amylopectin a)
-much less gluten
-likely less phytic acids
-would have ALWAYS been fermented!
-which cuts down starch & gluten more

When people want to defend wheat as healthy…
(our ancient ancestors would NOT have eaten it;
our modern ancestors would have eaten a fraction)

Then: eat it like they did:
-use older wheat, like spelt or einkorn
-ferment it
-if not…then, don’t eat it!

Celiac disease…
has exponentially grown, from ten years ago:
from: 1 in 2500 to now: 1 in 133

could be correlated with changes in grains & wheat
since the 1960’s

Every autoimmune disease needs a trigger…
First have a genetic predispostion to the disease, then
something in the environment lights that disease up!

Now, you have the manifestation of the autoimmunity

people with cileac disease are 20 times more likely to
develop type 1 diabetes!

type 1 diabetes will never start until someone starts to
eat solids
(if starts before eating solids, it may be:

Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young

Rare type of diabetes that runs in families.
It affects the way the body uses and
stores sugar from food

Every autoimmune disease needs a trigger…
it’s entirely possible that type 1 diabetes is
first triggered by eating wheat