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BEN BIKMAN a; | Tiny insulin: MAJOR IMPACT on muscle & fat cells
presents episode 1097 | Dr Ben Bikman
PHC UK podcast

Insulin, produced from beta cells of pancreas, is a small hormone,
-very tiny molecule
-complicated to measure and to determine amount
-fantastically low levels compared to other hormones
-vey effective: a little goes a long way
-Main stimulus: glucose
-as blood glucose goes
up, insulin released
“lowering glucose is its
most famous action”
People can’t separate
insulin from glucose

Insulin has large effect in all nutrient metabolism,
-no matter what nutrient, insulin has strong effect
-insulin tells body what to do with ENERGY
“Cannot lose body fat if insulin is low or weak”
-fat cell will not grow without elevated insulin
-effects cellular growth
-on electrolytes
Main theme of insulin:
-tell cells what to do with

When insulin breaks bad: insulin resistance
-must be understood from level of cell
-EVERY CELL of body has receptor for insulin to knock on
Insulin knocks on ‘door’ of cell and elicit action
“Action different at each type of cell”
Most famous action:
-lower blood glucose
So, cell opens another
door, lets glucose IN
-biggest cells do this
Example: muscle cells


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