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BEN BIKMAN a | T3 controls cellular speed…every cell in body under its control
presents episode 900 | Dr Ben Bikman podcast

2 hormones produced by thyroid gland,
T4 & T3
T3: gets the job done
T4 [reservoir of future T3] T4 converted by liver into T3 as needed
T3 sets idle speed of cellular engine
T3 up: cells more active
-stimulate autophagy
-pushes metabolic rate up
T3 down: cell slows down it’s actions
this affects ALL CELLS OF BODY

Metabolic Classroom Episode 3

T3 influences level of insulin receptors
in fat cells…
Thyroid is under control of TSH
[thyroid stimulating hormone] -blood test shows TSH levels…how well
thyroid gland is working
“Negative feedback”
-if thyroid is low, brain signals: more TSH!
-if high, brain signals less TSH


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