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Ben Bikman a: Male INFERTILITY: focus on the insulin resistance first!

The Metabolic Classroom Ep. 5
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March 2, 2021

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)…
Insulin inhibits the ability of an ovary to convert
testosterone into estrogens
-all estrogens, a family of hormones, were once testosterone
-women convert more testosterone into estrogens than men

Starting in the fat cells…
Depending on what is happening in the fat cells:
-2 pillars of male infertility
~erectile dysfunction
~low testosterone

Erectile dysfunction, 2013 published study…
-may be the first clinical sign of insulin resistance &
endothelial dysfunction in young men
-“if you have a patient complaining of erectile dysfunction,
it is very likely a problem of insulin resistance”

-blood vessels that don’t dilate well enough
~required for normal erection
-if blood vessels do not dilate:
~no erection

-part of the process of making blood vessels dilate:
~molecule called nitric oxide
-so critical to dilation, that nitroglycerin, converts into
nitric oxide, to open blood vessels in heart emergency

-endothelial cells
~line the inside of the blood vessel
~make nitric oxide (allows vessel to dilate)
-if endothelial cells are insulin resistant,
they cannot produce enough nitric oxide
-so, when signal comes to dilate,
-they stay restricted
-therefore, no erection