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presents episode 1045 | Dr. Ben Bikman podcast

is leaky gut a real health problem?
It does exist, where a pathogenic molecules move through the wall of the dirty gut,
substances from outside environment.
Role of intestines:
make sure only substances that should come into the body do so intestines have an exquisitely,
well-built integrity: to keep dirty stuff out.
When things break down, you have leakage.

There is ample peer reviewed, evidence supporting the reality of leaky gut.
Usually looking at the migration of a molecule: LPS, lipopolysaccharide,
found on a bacterium: moves in the bloodstream; elicits, a very strong, inflammatory responses.
LPS: part of bacteria, that our cells will bind to, including colon immune cells, lung cells, fat cells, muscle cells.
Cells will recognize the LPS molecule as part of bacteria, will initiate any inflammatory response.

Cell says: “I recognize you. You are a problem.
So I will mount my defenses to get rid of you” normally, in healthy gut, there would be no moving across…
It is not that the LPS is moving through the gut cells;
it is moving through the space between the gut cells by tight junction proteins.
They can become loose: then have molecules slip through.

Liver is the first recipient of these things: after they lead through the gut.
Blood flows from intestines: first to the liver, then to the rest of the body.
The intestines themselves are really on the front line.
Intestines have their own very robust set of immune cells who attempt to mitigate these problems.
They become inflamed as they try to fight LPS invasion.
And what slits through the intestines goes directly to the liver interesting,
because the liver is also the side of the solution!
When it comes to LPS leaking through the gut into blood, what am I eating?
That makes this happen more readily?
Answer: fats, fructose.


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