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BEN BIKMAN 9 | Plant protein:full of HEAVY METALS
presents episode 776 | Dr Ben Bikman
Dr David Jockers podcast

Question: how to control insulin?
-Control carbs
-if triglycerides to HDL ratio poor
[if ratio greater than 1.5…that is poor] -keep carbs to 50g per day
-if ratio is less than 1.5…good
can eat more carbs
Stop drinking fruit juice
Stop eating crackers, bread, chips
Focus on fruits & veggies for carbs

Prioritize protein…
Dr Stu Philips found:
1.6g protein per 1kg ideal body weight
“Plant protein is INFERIOR to animal
protein in EVERY WAY”
-animal amino acid profile far superior
-animal proteins are CLEANER
“All plant proteins have molecules that
inhibit body’s ability to digest protein”
-phytic acids, tannins, trypsin inhibitors
[these lower value of plant protein]

Analysis of protein supplements…
-plant proteins had the most heavy
metals: lead; arsenic
-plants are so deficient in protein
must get 1000 peas for one serving!
-in process of concentrating plants
get TOXIC levels of HEAVY METALS

Don’t fear fat…
-fat & protein come together in nature
-best protein [animal] comes with fat
-fat HELPS DIGEST the protein!
-bile acids help to digest protein
studies show
-digestion improves
-makes protein more ANABOLIC!
-better muscle anabolic response than
when eating protein alone


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