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BEN BIKMAN 8 | KIDS? protein FIRST; then light snack OK
presents episode 1015 | Dr Ben Bikman
TheKetoNutritionist podcast

As a family, we focus on animal protein,
-want to eat chips? protein first
-if kid getting to puberty age,
getting fatter matters!
How our body comes out of puberty
is how it will be for life, for most
IN our home: no junk food
-no soda or juice
-some chips, goldfish crackers, but
-protein first:
-beef stick; cheese; zero-sugar yogurt;
-cottage cheese

Natural food protein will have fat as well
-don’t mind the crackers as they
are growing
I stay home to cook breakfast:
-crepes, with lots of eggs
-pancakes, with lots of eggs
I fast for breakfast
-eat a big lunch
-normal dinner with family
-try to eat 4 hours before bedtime


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