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BEN BIKMAN 7 | NO PROCESSED FOODS=no fructose; low carbs; no seed oils
presents episode 370 | Dr Ben Bikman
DR CASEY MEANS Levels podcast

There is a strong genetic component to whether our
fat tissue grows via hypertrophy or hyperplasia, but
-we can also affect it to some degree…
-inflammation & elevated insulin will promote the
accumulation of a type of ceramide called
ceramide-1 phosphate, which promotes
hypertrophy of the fat cell
-at site of insulin injection, over time,
insulin induces hypertrophy

Japan study: found that in same fat pad, just inches away,
-fat cells where insulin was injected were 3 to 4 times bigger

Independent of insulin & inflammation…
-product of SEED OILS (vegetable oils or PUFAs)
-when we consume large amounts of linoleic acid,
we force it down the pathway of peroxidation
-we eat so much that it cannot all be oxidized
-once it turns down peroxidation pathway,
it can turn into harmful molecules, like:
4-Hydroxynonenal (4HNE)
-pushes the fat cell into hypertrophy
& pro-inflammatory

The majority of our processed foods (80% of grocery store!)
-have these SEED OILS & refined sugar
-a perfect storm for insulin resistance & pro-inflammatory
protein production
-Dr Bikman’s book, Why We Get Sick, suggests we eat
whole foods

Dr Means: So, we want a diet that:
1. keeps insulin low
2. avoids fructose
3. avoids seed oils (processed vegetable oils)

By avoiding processed foods, you are…
1. getting far less fructose (not drinking sodas & juices)
2. lowering insulin by avoiding processed carbs
3. avoiding refined seed oils


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