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BEN BIKMAN 6a | Kids, want gummies? sure, but have some animal protein first
presents episode 479 | Dr Ben Bikman podcast

Visible signs of insulin resistance in fat cells…
-acanthosis nigricans
Large, rough sections of ’tissue paper’ like
skin near skins folds, especially around the
neck and arm pits
-skin tags, in same areas, little projection of
skin, like a small mushroom stalk
Almost proof positive that that person has insulin resistance

The reason: excess insulin…
-the insulin is over-stimulating the skin cells
-melanocytes to stimulate more melanin
-and keratinocytes to grow column of skin

With my 3 kids, 14, 11, 8…
-no food is ‘illegal or off-limits’
-avoid the view that, some day, when not
around dad, I’ll go crazy!
-casual conversation, like:
“You want these gummies?
Have you had protein lately…let’s have that first”
-don’t keep junk food around house
-but sometimes is no problem
“I’m glad I had candy as a kid; glad I did not have too much”
-so, will suggest, first: beef stick, hard-boiled egg, cheese stick,
cottage cheese: always come with animal fat

“I want the kids to be able to indulge…
but don’t keep candy in house.
Candy is always preceded by
Can you eat some protein first?
-to appreciate:
~what is real food and what is not


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