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BEN BIKMAN 6 | OZEMPIC works for 2 years: then…HUNGER & FAT RETURN
presents episode 1013 | Dr Ben Bikman
TheKetoNutritionist podcast

-when first introduced were fighting
diabetes: lowering glucose
-now prescribed at high doses for
weight loss
-increases lipolysis [fat burning] -increases fat cell hyperplasia
[multiplying of fat cells] ACTUAL TOTAL FAT MASS GOES DOWN
-more, smaller fat cells
-healthy, not promoting inflammation

EVENTUALLY, at about 24 months…
-nausea goes away; HUNGER RETURNS
-the cravings were never cured,
just masked by the drug
NOW: person has more fat cells!!
All the fat mass comes back and more
-more capacity to store fat
“My recommendation, if use drug:
go as low a dose as possible &
couple with LOW CARB DIET”
-natural way to GLP-1 hormone


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