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BEN BIKMAN 6 | HYPERTROPHIC FAT CELLS…secrete pro-inflammatory proteins
presents episode 369 | Dr Ben Bikman
DR CASEY MEANS Levels podcast

Our fat tissue can grow through:
-hypertrophy, each cell gets 4 to 5 times larger
-hyperplasia, cells divide and multiply
Hypertrophic side is where things start to go wrong
-only 15% of obese people are hyperplastic
-by the time we have finished puberty,
we have set our fat cell number
-around 70, we start losing fat cells

As we lose of fat cell number, the remaining are forced to
store the remaining fat
-when a fat cell gets big, it reaches its natural limit size
“It becomes insulin resistant, in order to prevent further growth”
-cells down stream have to pick up the burden of fat
-as fat cells become bigger, they push
away from capillaries
-so, become hypoxic (low oxygen)

Hypoxic fat cell begins to release…
-prototypical inflammatory proteins, these
~increase the formation of new capillaries
-one of these is VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor)
-and secretes numerous pro-inflammatory proteins
-hoping to improve blood flow &
avoid necrosis (messy death)

So, hypertrophic fat cell is leaking throughout body…
-free fatty acids (causing lipotoxicity) &
-pro-inflammatory proteins
Both: promote insulin resistance throughout body
-by stimulating production of the lipid ceramide in
~all other tissue, including muscle & liver
(a step away from type 2 diabetes)


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