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BEN BIKMAN 5a | LACTATE DOES NOT CAUSE MUSCLE SORENESS… liver converts to brain fuel
presents episode 478 | Dr Ben Bikman podcast

Question: what amount of ketone supplement
to take?
-no data to quantify the amount, but…
-for ketone esters, around 50 to 100mL
~will bring user to strong ketosis
~would normally take 36 hours of fasting
Ketone salt: daily amount would get only to one tenth as much
“No question ketone esters are more effective,
but also much more expensive”

There is evidence that, in rodents, ketones
-enhance recovery from traumatic brain injury
When someone has experienced
traumatic brain injury…
-they are given lactate and ketones,
~both provide fuel for the brain &
~enhance recovery
Part of what has happened is:
-damage to an enzyme that enhances glucose burning
(pyruvate dehydrogenase) gets compromised with
traumatic brain injury…so “any other fuel would become therapeutic”
~like ketones or lactate

Lactate has been erroneously vilified…
-humans never have ‘lactic acid’
-lactate is a molecule not related to acidity
-it has nothing to do with muscle soreness
-lactate is made by a working muscle, then
-the liver takes it in and returns it to the
muscles as glucose
-brain can pull lactate in as a fuel in modest amounts
-glucose & ketones are primary; lactate is tertiary brain fuel


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