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BEN BIKMAN 5 | OUR BRAINS prefer KETONES; Dietary glucose is Absolutely UNNECESSARY
presents episode 441 | Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Anthony Chaffee podcast

Dr Bikman, just returned from presenting paper…
-American Association of Biological Anthropologists
“I am a nutrient biochemist & mitochondrial physiologist

In prep: Dr Bikman, NBMP, researched in their leading journal:
-neanderthal diet and development of the brain
~had 2 comments showing profound ignorance:
“dietary carbs are essential and were
essential to our ancestors in…
the development of their brain”

Shared a quote from the National Academy of Sciences…
“The lower limit of carbs in the human diet is zero”
-there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate
The whole idea that our ancestors’ brains evolved
because of eating lots of carbs…is utterly ridiculous
-many, many people afterward:
-absolute gratitude at learning this
reality of human biology & physiology

People think carbs are essential because…
-they mistake dietary carbs with blood glucose
-the brain does have some demand for some glucose
-the lower limit is unknown
Dr George F Cahill, fasting physiologist:
-put people’s fasting glucose to 20mg/dL
-most researchers would say will lead to coma
-but, these people, who were ketone-adapted,

Okay, so the brain has some requirement for some glucose…
-it is a minimal requirement…how so?
-a body that has 5 mM glucose; if you increase ketones to…
~1 or 2 or 3 mM, still LESS THAN BLOOD GLUCOSE:
-the brain has switched to its preferred fuel: KETONES
If ketones are half of glucose in the blood…
the brain is using DOUBLE the amount of KETONES

Newborn baby, whether breast or bottle fed…
-within an hour:
The baby is in a deeper state of ketosis, than
-an adult, even after a full day fast
-the baby will be at 2mM ketones in an hour
“For me, I have to fast for 36 hours to get to that point”

Clear: the natural state of our being is in ketosis…
-we humans are unique:
-only land-based mammals born obese
-and have a brain larger than the birth canal
We have very big, hungry brains & all of our baby fat:
-producing ketones like gangbusters
-to fuel the brain’s growth
-if baby is born premature & lacks sufficient
adipose tissue:
~much more likely they will develop
neurological disorders


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