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BEN BIKMAN 4 | KETONES provide 70% energy for our brain…Ketones means you are fasting, not starving
presents episode 440 | Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Anthony Chaffee podcast

In Dr Bikman’s lab at BYU: doing macronutrient challenges…
-eating 300 calories of fat shows NO insulin response
“insulin and the C-Peptide don’t budge at all”
-eat protein with fat, as they are found coupled in nature

Question: How is fasting different from starving?
-when fasting, ketones provide 70% of energy for brain
-glucose need is very, very low
-ketones are coming from body fat
-when running out of fat…body cannot make ketones from fat,
~so brain is dependent on glucose
~who has to pay? body makes glucose from muscle
“Having ketones means …
you are NOT in starvation.,,.
you are FASTING”

Even a 380 day fast that was done in Wales…
-he was morbidly obese
-under medical supervision
-with water, minerals, vitamins, etc
-because he was MAKING KETONES
he did not lose any muscle mass!
“You don’t cut muscle unless you are starving!
And, starvation happens only when:
-you run out of fat &
-cannot make ketones”


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