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BEN BIKMAN 3a | COGNITIVE DECLINE reversed using medium chain triglycerides
presents episode 476 | Dr Ben Bikman podcast

There are case studies, including by
Dr Dale Bredesen,
Institute of Functional Medicine
-documents improvements in
cognitive ability, not just slowing decline
-by keto and fasting to burn ketones and
-taking medium chain triglycerides in diet (coconut oil)
“Coconut oil burns at higher rate, thus more capable of increasing
ketones in blood fairly rapidly”

Ketone supplements: 2 types available…
-ketone salts (older and cheaper)
-ketone esters (newer, much more expensive)
Ketone salts
-don’t raise ketones very much
-come with lots of sodium, potassium, magnesium
Ketone esters, have none of these side effects, but are more costly

Alzheimer’s Disease:
insulin resistance of the brain
(rather than ‘type 3 diabetes’)
-not allowing brain to take in as much
glucose as normal
Insulin Resistance:
too much insulin AND it is not working properly
-to help insulin work better: exercise
-to lower insulin: low carb diets & fasting

-at the top of drugs to lower insulin
(not medical advice!)
-improves insulin sensitivity
-has modest side effects
-could be warranted in someone:
~without obvious signs of type 2 diabetes, but
~with cognitive decline (check with doctor)
Using metformin as an anti-aging drug is not warranted
-people taking it cannot exercise as well
-aerobic capacity is significantly diminished (weakened muscles)


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