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BEN BIKMAN 3 | LOW LDL in women: Alzheimer’s; blood cancers; infections UP
presents episode 1010 | Dr Ben Bikman
TheKetoNutritionist podcast

Massive study from UCLA…
-plotted every heart attack patient’s
LDL: result: bell curve
-peak of curve was normal
“More people had heart attacks with
good LDL levels”
Size and density of LDL MATTERS
-small, dense LDL atherogenic
[blood vessels develop lesions] -large, buoyant healthy
Higher triglyceride/HDL=small, dense LDL

Should be triglyceride/HDL ratio to
determine statin use…
If high, then statins may be useful, but
-rather: simply adjust diet to lower
triglycerides in blood!
-can be done in a few weeks
-will reduce size & problematic LDL
IN women
-lower LDL=higher Alzheimers, blood
based cancers; serious infections UP
15 times the risk!


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