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BEN BIKMAN 3 | ESOPHAGEAL CANCER…insulin resistance drives fat mass to pressure organs UPWARD!
presents episode 366 | Dr Ben Bikman
DR CASEY MEANS Levels podcast

Dr Means: One reason I moved away from ENT toward a more…
-‘root cause’ approach to health is due to GERD
(gastroesophageal reflux disease)
-because we were so often prescribing super high levels
of proton pump inhibitors, to…
totally shut down the
acid production in the
-which did nothing to
address what was
leading to symptoms!

Dr Means: The medical community has a really strong bias…
-towards just giving maximally heavy dose, twice a day
We know that shutting down acid in the stomach
-has a huge negative impact on:
-absorption of vitamins
& minerals

“We give patients these
large prescriptions &
they are on their way”

Dr Bikman: there are more catastrophic consequences…
-to chronic GERD:
-converting to Barrett’s esophagus
(damage to esophagus by acid reflux)
-one step away from esophageal cancer
(risk 30 TIMES more
than normal)
“If you experience
chronic heart burn,
you could be flirting
with disaster”

Dr Bikman: Insulin alters the production of hydrochloric acid…
-making the stomach more acidic and perhaps affecting the
-normally stomach is separated from esophagus by
diaphragm (primary breathing muscle)
-a portion of stomach
can bulge up, past
the diaphragm
-we lose the functional
sphincter (narrowing
of esophagus)

Hiatal hernia: stomach bulging into sphincter area
(narrowing of esophagus)
-now, all of the chyme (very acidic stomach contents)
splashing up into the esophagus
-how is this connected to insulin resistance?
-the more fat you have
(subcutaneous or
-puts pressure on organs
to bulge upward


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