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BEN BIKMAN 3 | Cheeseburger Combo:INSULIN SPIKE; fat grows Burger, no carbs:insulin: Lose weight!
presents episode 439 | Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Anthony Chaffee podcast

Dr Bikman’s lab: ketones signal at fat cells in humans…
-activate an uncoupling process at the mitochondria
-results: ketones and mitochondria being much more active
-stimulates fat cell metabolic rate 2 to 3 times!
-ketones activate … G-Protein coupled receptor

Yes, ketones are an energy, but…
(brain loves to burn ketones; they have caloric value
similar to glucose, 4 calories per gram)
-ALSO ketones have signaling capability
SO: ketones are both:
-energy source (brain craves) &
-signaling molecule that provides:
~anti-inflammatory & metabolic benefit

Recently, Dr Bikman spoke to Low Carb Breckenridge…
-Do not be afraid of any modest increase in insulin from
dietary protein; because:
-in low carb diet: as insulin rises slightly, so does its opposite:
glucagon the same amount or more
-if you eat some protein with some carbs
-you will get a big increase in insulin
(bigger than if just carbs alone)

Protein and carbs are not supposed to come together!
-if you eat protein with fat (meats, eggs, dairy, fish…)
=modest insulin increase, but also:
~greater increase in glucagon (offsets insulin)
~ketones are still being stimulated!
SO: average person has no reason to fear high protein
BUT: don’t eat protein with carbs
“If necessary, add butter or olive oil…

One example:

Double cheeseburger combo meal (with fries & cola):
Protein: 29g. Carbs: 131g Insulin Spikes!

Double cheeseburger, no bun, no fries, no cola:
Protein: 25g. Carbs: 1g No insulin spike

(Tastes great without the carbs…just ask for a fork & knife)


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