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BEN BIKMAN 2a | KETO DIET lowers insulin and improves insulin sensitivity: all benefits to BRAIN
presents episode 474 | Dr Ben Bikman podcast

Create more energy when brain burns…
-ketones than glucose!
-ketones might be the PRIMARY FUEL for brain
-increase ketones in blood (as little as 25%)
-BYU Lab: tissue from cadavers:
~those dying with Alzheimers and those without
Findings: glucose-burning genes were compromised in Alzheimers
Conclusion: If one has brain energy gap: fill it with ketones!
That will improve cognitive performance

Question: if one doesn’t want to do keto or
fasting to lower glucose, can we supplement
Yes, according to human studies:
-give Alzheimer’s patients cognitive test
-then dramatically increase their ketones
-on retest, they perform significantly BETTER
Keto diet is ketone MAKING eating,
-every cell in body will burn ketones
-Are supplemental ketones the same as making your own ketones?
-they are the same ketones…

Benefits of keto eating are not just ketones…
-primary benefit is LOWERING INSULIN
-root cause of cognitive fall is that the brain:
~becomes insulin resistant
“Therefore, Alzheimers is one situation that
would benefit the most from keto dieting”
-must keep insulin low with low carbs and fasting:
~improves insulin sensitivity in body and brain…
increases ketones (products of fat burning)

When body is burning more fat than it needs
for energy…turns some fat into ketones
-which are viable fuel for brain
1 for 1: keto dieting is better metabolic
-benefit, even for brain
-than supplementing ketones
“But, for those unwilling or unable to do keto,
(Alzheimers patient may not want to)
-supplementing ketones, while expensive, can be very beneficial”


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