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BEN BIKMAN 2a | classic || People with higher LDL… live LONGER!
presents episode 661 | Dr Ben Bikman
Keto Connect podcast

Often on a low carb diet…
triglycerides come down
HDL goes up
That is good!

Often on a low carb diet…
in some…
LDL will remain or go up
conventional thinking says this is evil
that is absolutely not true

On a low carb diet…
as we get older,
people with lower LDL cholesterol
people with highest LDL cholesterol

On a low carb diet…
as we get older,
lower levels of LDL cholesterol
increases risk of
dying from infection 15 times

On a low carb diet…
look at the triglyceride to HDL ratio
“I guarantee it will start to go down”
as insulin comes down…
blood lipids get better


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