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presents episode 365 | Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Casey Means Levels podcast

Dr Bikman: my message (book: Why We Get Sick) is:
-when there is a metabolic underpinning to chronic disorders,
-then there is hope!
-there can be a metabolic solution
-because we can rapidly change our metabolic health

The correlation between insulin resistance & tinnitus is
very high
-very UNCOMMON for someone to have tinnitus and not
have underlying insulin resistance
-not too much is confirmed, but
-insulin changes the nerve conductance
(sending signals along neurons)
-insulin is known to affect the
sodium-potassium-ATP channel

Sodium-potassium-ATP channel
-when we send a signal along a cell, like a neuron,
-we are rapidly shifting ions,
(positive & negative charged molecules)
-insulin regulates the channels that enable ions to pass
-insulin alters the rate, but
-with insulin resistance & hyperinsulinemia
it becomes overactive and
disrupts the nerve signal in the cochlea
-causing static and ringing

Dr Means: in your book…
-92% of tinnitus patients have insulin resistance
-76% of meniere’s disease (debilitating ear disorder)
patients have insulin resistance
-these studies were NOT LOOKING at a diabetic population!
-participants were
pre-diabetic or

Dr Means:
“This could apply to people whose doctor has never asked
them is they have a metabolic problem”
-but we know that hyperinsulinemia can happen
decades before it is diagnosed!
(because of only
checking blood
glucose levels,
NOT insulin levels)


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