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presents episode 438 | Dr Ben Bikman
Dr Anthony Chaffee podcast

Question: One who is ‘fat-adapted’ from eating low carb…
-are they now metabolically inflexible?
Dr Bikman: No. Just takes one day.
-just one challenge to the beta cells (eating carbs)
-they will immediately respond

Insulin, when working properly, tends to have a…
-vasodilatory effect (lesser-known action of insulin)
-insulin literally affects every part of the body
-every cell of the body has insulin receptors
-one effect of insulin,
-when it binds the cells of the blood vessel
-induces the production of the molecule: nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator…
-if someone has chest pain, doctor gives nitroglycerin
-which stimulates nitric oxide throughout body
-quickly opens blood vessels (helps heart pain go away)
-insulin resistant man:
~due to inoperative insulin blood vessels cannot dilate!
-systemically, vessels in body stay constricted…
-narrower the volume, higher the blood pressure
-when cannot dilate vessels, cannot get erection
“First clinical sign of insulin resistance”

Might be worth testing his metabolic health:
-his insulin levels & insulin resistance
-if excess insulin & insulin resistance is the problem…
“Good news! Easy to fix”
Dr Chaffee: most doctors will first look for low testosterone

One study found: ketones will bind to cells and inhibit…
-the NLRP3 inflammosome
( -ome as suffix refers to the sum of things)
-inflammosome is in charge of all inflammation
-NLRP3 molecule, when activated, will turn on all machinery…
-to produce all of these:
-pro-inflammatory cytokines &
-initiate immune systems throughout body

We need a healthy immune system, but…
-we want it turned on when it is supposed to be
-off when it should be off
Problem with obesity or overly-large fat cells:
-fat cells become pro-inflammatory
(called: sub-clinical inflammatory state)
-inflammatory markers are higher than expected if normal
-valuable to know how to turn this down…
-ketones will do that!

It is not because of ketones caloric value, but because…
-they can bind to G protein-coupled receptors
-they are everywhere & signal all kinds of things
-many types, but ketones will bind a particular type
(acting like a hormone)


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