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BEN BIKMAN 1 | EXCESS INSULIN disrupts normal cells: skin problems; PCOS
presents episode 1008 | Dr Nadir Ali
Dr Nadir Ali podcast

USA not in top 20 countries in diabetes…
-global problem
1-some cells NOT RESPONDING to insulin
2-HYPERINSULINEMIA too much insulin
so healthy cells are overwhelmed!
High blood insulin: okay for
-insulin resistant cells:
extra insulin gets in
BUT for normal cells: extra insulin makes
-that is a problem

Metabolic health? Flexibility:
-eat starch? go to glucose burning
-fast 12 hours? go to fat burning
[insulin dictates which fuel is used] -insulin high: glucose burning
-low: fat burning
If metabolically UNHEALTHY:
-insulin is always elevated, so
-stuck in glucose burning mode

Diseases of insulin resistance…
-acanthosis nigricans
[hyperinsulinemia driving melanin] Brain
-insulin resistance driving Alzheimer’s
-insulin resistance driving fatty liver
-ED in men
-PCOS in women

PCOS: due to high insulin
-ovary cells STILL SENSITIVE to insulin
-hyperactive to excess insulin
-INHIBITING conversion of testosterone
into estrogens
[all estrogens were once testosterone] -so, low estrogen disrupts cycle


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