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presents episode 668 | Bella
Steak & Butter Gal podcast

Meal 3…
-5 burger patties
`topped by sliver of butter
“I recommend eating burger
at room temp: if you have
digestion problems with fat”
-top burger with egg salad
-top it all with pat of butter
“You will easily enjoy this
high-fat, high protein meal”

Higher quality high-fat meals…
-better for sensitive healers
bone-in short ribs
Choose high fat ribs, so
-no need to eat added butter

Line a baking sheet with
parchment paper…
-into oven at 350F [177C] -cook 50 minutes
Side Dish: Egg Pudding
-add eggs into water or broth
-bring a pan of water to boil
-can use duck, goose eggs
-one to one ratio eggs to water
-mix well, turn down heat on rolling boiling water…
-place pudding bowl into the pot; close lid completely

“I’m adding a big chunk of
butter to the pudding…
easy way to add fat to meal”
-add salt
-close lid and steam 7+ min.
-on low medium heat
-keep an eye on it
Finished egg pudding
-topped with butter
-if butter inflames you, use ghee

Here are beef short ribs…
-after 50 minutes at 350F
“I recommend you eat this
at room temp if you need
to avoid indigestion”


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