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BELLA 1 | Heal HORMONES: 1 stick BUTTER a day
presents episode 664 | Bella
Steak & Butter Gal podcast

Dr Elizabeth Bright said:
High fat carnivore eating
Best for hormone healing
-1 stick butter a day minimum
[113g or 4 oz] -if more healing needed
2 sticks butter a day

Saving money on this diet…
Walmart ground beef chuck
-80% lean 20% fat
-$4.13 / pound
Dr Bright says 80/20 is
the ideal ratio lean/fat
Happy Eggs organic
-$6.68 / dozen
“I opted out of the super cheap
cage-free eggs”

Saving money on this diet…
8 oz Kerrygold butter
-$4.18 each block
[2 sticks = 227g] “I recommend you go by your
appetite when planning your
meal size”
-your needed amount may
change from day to day
Example: “I crave high fat leading up to and throughout cycle;
This helped my get my cycle back after just 2 months”

“Work you way up SLOWLY
to more & more fat”
-add one sliver per day
If that is too much…
-1 sliver per 2 or 3 days


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