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BEEF IS BEST to eliminate insulin spikes & seed oil damage
presents episode 293: Ben Bikman
with Judy Cho, Nutrition with Judy

Stress. If someone sleeps poorly one night…
-will have insulin resistance the next day
-due to elevated cortisol hormone
-this type of rapid-onset insulin resistant can be corrected:
~by one good night of sleep

Imagine all of these factors happening to an average person…
-terrible sleep habits
-eat refined starches & sweets every 2 to 3 hours, so
~insulin always elevated
-may be exposed to foods & chemicals that
~aggravate their immune system, producing
~inflammatory proteins
-eat packaged foods having seed oils
-perfect storm to create insulin resistance

A person who…
-eats more animal-based foods to replace
-that is an absolute WIN because, eliminating:
~insulin spiking carbs (primary cause)
~seed oils (secondary cause)

“The degree that various meats have
differing amounts of omega 6;
is little!”

Dr Bikman: I am an enormous fan of beef over chicken…
-the better fatty acid profile &
-overall amount of fat is the reason
-beef is just better than chicken in overall nutrition

Some people who eat a lot of animal-based foods…
-concerned that their blood glucose ranges into 90s, so?

Ben: There is nothing more pathological for blood glucose…
-at 95 vs 85 mb/dL
-even around 100, don’t worry: within healthy, normal range

Why would that be happening?
-if zero carb, why would glucose be at that level?
-no answer
-perhaps some are more protein-sensitive
-we know that amino acids stimulate glucagon release
-some diabetics have much higher glucagon release than others
-when glucagon goes up, wants to increase blood glucose


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