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ANTHONY CHAFFEE j | LOW CARB RUNNERS: Better VO2max level & equal glycogen
presents episode 930 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Plant free MD podcast with Richard Smith

2 studies on carbs v fat for
-showed carb athletes did better
than keto athletes
However, they did not give
keto athletes TIME TO ADAPT
[can take as long as 6 months] -in study, only 3 weeks keto
-no electrolyte supplementing
-low salt intake
-low protein dieting

Peak fat oxidation high carb vs
low carb eating…
Dr Jeff Volek study
metabolic system can be
upregulated when fat-adapted
on LOW CARB to outperform
High Carb dieters’ VO2max rate
-Low Carb athletes:
1g per minute at 80% of VO2max
“No wonder that the low carb
athletes I work with have blown
competition out of the water”

Low carb vs High carb…
-while low carb had better fat
fuel usage for VO2max rate
-resting muscle glycogen levels
were the same for both
Proving the low carb group
did supply needed glycogen
during endurance running
-also ketones used, so


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