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ANTHONY CHAFFEE h | EFFICIENT ENERGY pulls from brown fat: non-shivering HEAT
presents episode 928 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Plant free MD podcast with Richard Smith

Our ancestors were 100% ketosis
and carnivore whenever possible
Went days without food while
tracking & hunting
-get into autophagy state
-repair cells
-clean out cells
-increase testosterone &
human growth hormone
-activates brown fat formation

Ketosis: fat cells to release
fatty acids into blood
-to liver
-converts to ketones
-to mitochondria for energy
This increases activity of UCP1
[mitochondrial protein that
produces non-shivering HEAT
from brown fat stores]

“My body is literally WASTING
energy [burning it without
prompting for work…losing FAT] I consume WELL OVER the
CALORIC VALUE than when i
was high carb.
Some days: 5000 calories
-still: single digit body fat %
in 2007, consuming carbs &
low calorie: fat gain 1 pound/week

-breathe them out
-pee them out
-pure, efficient energy
Prior to Low Carb Eating:
-eat cereal, then crash
-10am: coffee & cookie
-noon: chicken & pasta
-3pm cakes & chips
“If no food….I would hunt down
small animal to consume!”

-become hungry, but
-no rush, no hangry
-have a craving, get distracted
-10 minutes later, no hunger
5 hours later…put a steak on


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