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ANTHONY CHAFFEE g | OUR ANCESTORS: strong, smart, fast, Healthy..ketogenic
presents episode 927 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Plant free MD podcast with Richard Smith

Calories spent to digest food:
-protein 35%
-carbs 10%
-fat. 5%

High protein diet burns 380 MORE

Study: low carb increases metabolic
rate 278 calories / day

“It’s NOT CALORIES…it’s what we eat”

Low carb increases metabolic rate

High protein increases thermic effect

Removing carbs stops insulin from
storing glucose as body fat

Removing lectins stops binding the
insulin receptors that store body fat

Low carb enables muscle to
release glycogen into bloodstream

Ketosis [fat-burning metabolism] is our natural state

Our ancestors were 100% ketosis
and carnivore whenever possible

Went days without food while
tracking & hunting

Going days without food allowed
us to:
-get into autophagy state
-repair cells
-clean out cells
-increase testosterone &
human growth hormone
-activates brown fat formation


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