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ANTHONY CHAFFEE f | KETONES 400% more energy efficient than glucose for athletes
presents episode 926 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Plant free MD podcast with Richard Smith

Glucose: for body to
process 1 molecule, costs
4+ energy molecules
Ketones: costs body 1
Ketones production is
400% more efficient than
Glucose production costs
leads to oxidative STRESS
-causes advanced AGING
and weight gain
-damage to cells

Elite athlete stores 10K kj
of energy as GLYCOGEN
Ketogenic athlete stores
150K kj

Counter intuitive, as athlete,
to use inferior energy source
-needs to be topped up
again & again
“I work with elite athletes.
Some compete in ironman for 10 to
14 hours. Competed on only water
and electrolytes for ENTIRE EVENT”
-did not eat before
-did not eat during

Carb athletes…
-taking in energy gels
-stopping at toilets every hour
due to intestinal distress
Ketone athletes using advanced fuel
-ketones 400% more efficient than carbs

Eat Well Plate…
-pasta: high phytic acid & lectins
-tomatoes: high in lectins
-peas: high in phytic acid
-bell peppers: high in both
-spinach: high in oxalates
On plate: most nutritious? chicken
but: nutrients BLOCKED BY CARB FOODS
“Eat Well Plate for health & athletic
performance is COUNTER INTUITIVE”

Answer? red meat
-has every vitamin & mineral
our bodies need
from vitamin A to Zinc

-coline, creatine, carnosine,


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