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ANTHONY CHAFFEE f | Crohn’s & autoimmune diseases: cut carbs & fiber: ALL MEDS GONE
presents episode 966 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
5 Minute Body podcast

Crohn’s Disease on carnivore?
-on elemental diet [powdered drink
with all macros & micronutrients] -proved BETTER TREATMENT for
acute flair up of Crohn’s than
steroids [considered gold standard] -steroids suppresses immune system
-but gets that specific job done
Just not eating STUPID CRAP works
better than the gold standard!

So, what is an elemental diet like?
-just the macros, micros you need
& nothing else?
“Steak likely has more micronutrients
than elemental powder.
50,000 of them!”

If you have autoimmune issues
[pork, chicken, eggs, fish…being fed
lots of grains, seed oils, omega 6…] [except NZ, AUS & grassfed meats & eggs] “People with autoimmune issues do much
better on red meat…no coffee, tea, etc]

Interventional trial, 60 humans,
Crohn’s disease:
-took them off carbs & fiber
What is left? meat
-took them off all meds
Q: how long can they go without meds?
A: some made it to 51 months,
-full remission; NO MEDS
vs: Control group: kept carbs & fiber
-average off all meds: ZERO months

“Carbs & fiber, or what comes with them:
-autoimmune diseases are our body’s
negative response to carbs & fiber
-things we are not designed to eat
-body reacts pathologically

Get rid of exposure to carbs & fiber
-problems go away. period.


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