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ANTHONY CHAFFEE e | WHY EAT ANYTHING we are not biologically designed to eat??
presents episode 925 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Plant free MD podcast with Richard Smith

Dr Chaffee:
a nutritionist who argues for a diet
that is devoid of essential nutrients
should not be trusted
-we are designed to eat something
like every other animal on earth…
That will be the most healthy for us

Dr Chaffee:
Foods that make nutrients fully
bioavailable to us
-foods containing a few or many
things we are not adapted to eat
“That is not our biologically adapted
-when animals eat their biologically
appropriate diet they are more
healthy….A FACT

Humans are no different…
look at rates of chronic disease
among native peoples before
western food and agriculture = 0
Dr Weston Price did massive research
in 1930s, published book
-also observed by explorers for
hundreds of years

Will get all nutrients you need…
-will have fully bioavailable nutrients
“Don’t eat foods that we are not
biologically designed to eat”
Why not eat what we are fully
adapted for: fatty meat
Avoid things we are not adapted for

Richard Smith:
Why would you need to supplement
when a piece of steak has all the
nutrients & minerals you need
in highly bioavailable volume?


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